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Be A Supporter & Get A Free Medical Missionary Class!

Serving With A Mission Radio has purposed to share the gospel in any way we can. In addition, we are helping with Disaster Relief.  Picture this:

  1. A disaster happens somewhere in the US or in the world.
  2. SWM Radio can send workers or funds to help with first response relief.
  3. Victims are helped due to the efforts of ACTS 911 and GR3.
  4. Victims are interviewed, sharing their stories, and introduced to Christ. Then they are invited to listen to themselves on radio. This gives them the opportunity to get the app on their phones, which could present more listen opportunities.
  5. Books are given away.
  6. In some cases, a local concert is given.

When you become a Partner with SWM Radio, you not only help station expenses, but you are helping victims too! This is called stretching the dollar! Plus it is a good feeling knowing you are actually helping. As you help, we air the testimonies online. You hear the people you are helping!

We would like to hear your testimony as well. Partners have the option of sharing their story on the air if they like, and they are sent a gift.

Would you be a Partner with us today???  We need your help!

You can be a Partner even if it is just a donation of just $20 a month, you can be a part of our efforts to take the gospel far and wide. Radio speaks to others in a way video cannot. You may not be able to watch a video while driving, working exercising, etc.  But you CAN listen to radio.

Please be a blessing to us as we upgrade equipment and content, bringing you much needed Present Truth for this time! Be a blessing as we help victims in disasters!

One Time Amount

I will help Present Truth get out and help with Disaster Relief by donating a one-time amount!

I will help Present Truth and help Disaster Relief by donating $20 a month!

I will help Present Truth and Disaster Relief by donating $50 a month!

I will help Present Truth and Disaster Relief by donating $100 a month!